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Arkansas Diabetes Education & Classes:

Location:  Saint Mary's Regional Medical Center , Russellville, AR
Details:  Reg Nurse and Dietitian instruction, 1:1 and group. 6 Classes after meeting with RN, 2 days week for 3 weeks. Covers Carbohydrate counting/nutrition, testing, medication, physical activity and more. Need physician referral. May start on a daily basis.
Registration:  Call 479-968-3733 to register or to find out how we can help you live healthier.

Location:  Nutrition & Diabetes Education Center
Details:  Learn management of diet, exercise, and medications to control your diabetes from a certified diabetes educator in a private setting. Physician referral is not necessary.
Registration:  Call 870-248-1270 for an appointment

Location:  North Arkansas Regional Medical Center
Details:  Needs Based $25.00 per filed for payment.Inpatient and outpatient
Registration:  (870) 365-2212 call for appointment

Location:  Randolph County Medical Center 2801 Medical Center Dr. Pocahontas, AR
Details:  Diabetes education provided by appointment. Must have a Dr's order.
Registration:  Call (870)892-6221

Location:  St. Mary's Hospital
Details:  8 hour class held for 2 hours each week for 4 weeks. Have morning and late afternoon classes. New series of classes held each month
Registration:  Call Diabetes Self Management Office at St. Mary's Hospital 479-936-2881

Location:  Baptist Health Medical Center, 9601 I-630, Little Rock AR
Details:  Baptist Health Medical Center

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