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Colorado Diabetes Education & Classes:

Location:  Platte Valley Medical Center Wellness and Education Center
Details:  Four diabetes education classes are offered every other month, on the first Tuesday and Thursday evenings, from 5p-7p. The classes include the most up to date information regarding diabetes, nutritional management, medications, excercise and many other topics. The classes are taught by a registered dietician, registered nurse, pharmacist, physical therapist, as well as a podiatrist. Individual sessions are also available,including gestational diabetes management and Spanish-language education. Most health plans, including Medicare, cover your educational sesssions.
Registration:  Call 303-498-1699 or e-mail or

Location:  El Paso County Building and County-City East Clinic
Details:  The Diabetes Ten City Program is a free program only offered to City of Colorado Springs employees, spouses/dependents, and retirees with the Ameriben and MaxorPlus insurance. One-on-one visits with a pharmacist coach that works in collaboration with you doctor. Covers nutrition, exercise, medications, blood glucose monitoring and medical information. As incentive for participation, patient will receive free co-pays on all diabetic testing supplies, insulin pump supplies, insulin, all oral diabetic medications and high blood pressure medications if filled at one of the County-City Pharmacies in Colorado Springs. No referral needed.
Registration:  Call 719-520-7388 to register for Downtown location or 719-520-7060 for East location

Location:  King Soopers Pharmacy Aurora
Details:  Six session diabetes education class offered at King Soopers Pharmacy with pharmacist disease manager covers carbohydrate counting, testing, medication, exercise as well as smart shopping tours plus on site testing.
Registration:  Call 303-750-1263 for 1 hour sessions $20.OO each

Location:  Colorado Springs Private Diabetes Care Center, Colorado Springs, CO
Details:  Six group sessions offered at Diabetes Care Center which covers basic diabetes management. Classes run during the day and early evenings. Private consulations also available.
Registration:  Call 719-473-7808 to register. Online registration will soon be available at

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