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Oregon Diabetes Education & Classes:

Location:  Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center
Details:  Ten hours of diabetes education three, three hour sessions with one hour follow-up. Morning classes 9-12 on Tuesdays, 1-4 PM on Wednesdays.
Registration:  Call: 541-768-6973 to register or visit us online at

Location:  Education Center @ Providence Hood River Hospital
Details:  3 -3hr classes encompassing all aspects of diabetes self management
Registration:  Pre-registration is required. Call 541.387.6379 or 541.387.6381

Location:  McKenzie Willamette Hospital 1457 "G" Street Springfield, Oregon Across from the hospital
Details:  ADA Certified Program- Individual and small group sessions. We offer individual consultations and small group sessions that cover most of all you need to know about diabetes.
Registration:  Please call -541-726-4544 to hear more about our program and to schedule an initial "Get Started" appointment

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