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Pennsylvania Diabetes Education & Classes:

Location:  St. Joseph Medical Center, Reading PA
Details:  Four 2.5 hour classes offered at various locations in Berks County. Recognize by the American Diabetes Association as meeting National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education. See our website for class details.
Registration:  Call 610-378-2100 to register

Location:  Indiana Regional Medical Center
Details:  Diabetes self-management core series (6 hours) and advanced learning modules
Registration:  Physician referral is required. Call 724-357-7164 for more information

Location:  St Mary Medical Bldg suite 302
Details:  Individualized counselling on all aspects of Diabetes self management. Speciallizing in gestational diabetes.
Registration:  By appointment

Location:  62 N. Church Street Doylestown, Pa 18901
Details:  5 week Diabetes Management Course for both people with Type 1 and 2 Diabetes
Registration:  Please call 215-230-9235

Location:  Medical Office Building, 3rd floor conference rooms, Parkview Hospital 1331 East Wyoming Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19124
Details:  4- 2.5 hour classes covering Pathophysiology, nutrition, meds, complications, exercise, etc. Covered by most insurance plans. MD referral or prescription (Medicare pts) required.
Registration:  Call 215-537-7070 for class schedule or individual appointment.

Location:  DuBois Regional Medical Center, East Unit Maple Ave. DuBois
Details:  Two 4-hour group sessions. Program is ADA recognized.
Registration:  Physician referral required. Call 814-373-4636 to register.

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